Issue no. 1 Table of Contents

Symmetric group representations and Z

Lah numbers and Lindström's lemma

Number theory/Algebraic geometry
On the ordinariness of coverings of stable curves

Homological algebra/Differential geometry
Formality theorem for differential graded manifolds

Lie algebras/Computer science
Plethysm and fast matrix multiplication

Harmonic analysis
A note on weighted bounds for rough singular integrals

Differential geometry/Mathematical problems in mechanics
W2,p-estimates for surfaces in terms of their two fundamental forms

Differential geometry
Classification of bm-Nambu structures of top degree

Differential geometry
On the linearizability of 3-webs: End of controversy

Analyse numérique
Sur une correction non linéaire et un principe du minimum local pour la discrétisation d'opérateurs de diffusion en différences finies
[A nonlinear correction and local minimum principle for diffusion operators with finite differences]

Issue no. 2 Table of Contents

Number theory
On AP3-covering sequences

Number theory
On the denominators of harmonic numbers

Algebra/Group theory
Metabelian Q1-groups

Group theory/Differential geometry
On the difficulty of finding spines

Partial differential equations/Optimal control
Partial regularity for solutions to subelliptic eikonal equations

Partial differential equations/Mathematical physics
Wave packets and the quadratic Monge–Kantorovich distance in quantum mechanics

Functional analysis/Mathematical analysis
Remarks on the Monge–Kantorovich problem in the discrete setting

Analytic geometry/Differential geometry
Parametric CR-umbilical locus of ellipsoids in C2

Mathematical problems in mechanics/Differential geometry
A nonlinear shell model of Koiter's type

Issue no. 3 Table of Contents

Number theory/Mathematical analysis
Computation and theory of Euler sums of generalized hyperharmonic numbers

Mathematical analysis/Complex analysis
Improved version of Bohr's inequality

Complex analysis
Logarithmic potentials on Pn

Complex analysis
Inequalities involving the multiple psi function

Partial differential equations
On parabolic final value problems and well-posedness

Topology/Dynamical systems
On dynamics of the Sierpiński carpet

Mathematical problems in mechanics
Motion of an incompressible solid with large deformations

Issue no. 4 Table of Contents


Algebra/Group theory
On the T-slices of a finite group

Homological algebra/Algebraic geometry
A topological nullstellensatz for tensor-triangulated categories

Homological algebra/Differential geometry
Deformation cohomology of Lie algebroids and Morita equivalence

Mathematical analysis
On Ozaki's condition for p-valency

Complex analysis/Differential geometry
Kähler submanifolds of the symmetrized polydisc

Partial differential equations/Dynamical systems
On the convergence of formally diverging neural net-based classifiers

Partial differential equations/Mathematical physics
On maximizing the fundamental frequency of the complement of an obstacle

Algebraic geometry
Categorical characterization of quadrics

Probability theory/Calculus of variations
Expected Shortfall and optimal hedging payoff

Mathematical physics/Calculus of variations
Semi-classical limit of the Levy–Lieb functional in Density Functional Theory

Issue no. 5 Table of Contents

Mathematical analysis/Functional analysis
Reverses of operator Aczél inequality

Partial differential equations/Calculus of variations
Counterexamples in calculus of variations in L through the vectorial Eikonal equation

Algebraic geometry
Deformation of the product of complex Fano manifolds

Test d'hétéroscédasticité quand les covariables sont fonctionnelles
[Heteroscedasticity test when the covariables are functionals]

Mathematical problems in mechanics
The asymptotically sharp Korn interpolation and second inequalities for shells

Issue no. 6 Table of Contents

Mathematical analysis/Ordinary differential equations
Existence of periodic solutions for a class of damped vibration problems

Partial differential equations/Differential geometry
A Serrin-type symmetry result on model manifolds: An extension of the Weinberger argument

Probability theory
Scaling and non-standard matching theorems

Issue no. 7 Table of Contents

Algèbre homologique/Topologie différentielle
Extensions de fonctions d'un voisinage de la sphère à la boule
[Extending functions from a neighborhood of the sphere to the ball]

Théorie des groupes/Géométrie algébrique
Extension des scalaires par le morphisme de Frobenius, pour les groupes réductifs
[Frobenius base change for reductive groups]

Mathematical analysis/Partial differential equations
The quenching behavior of a quasilinear parabolic equation with double singular sources

Analyse complexe/Géométrie analytique
Une propriété de continuité associée aux classes de cohomologie de Hodge
[A property of continuity associated with Hodge cohomology classes]

Partial differential equations/Functional analysis
Electromagnetic wave propagation in media consisting of dispersive metamaterials

Functional analysis
A norm inequality for positive block matrices

Differential geometry
Conformally flat real hypersurfaces in nonflat complex planes

Issue no. 8 Table of Contents

Group theory
Breaking points in centralizer lattices

Potential theory/Complex analysis
A note on the weighted log canonical thresholds of plurisubharmonic functions

Partial differential equations/Game theory
Mean-field games with a major player

Homéomorphismes et nombre d'intersection
[Homeomorphisms and intersection numbers]

Physique mathématique
Une q-déformation de la transformation de Bargmann vraie-polyanalytique
[A q-deformation of the true-polyanalytic Bargmann transform]

Issue no. 9 Table of Contents

Functional analysis/Dynamical systems
On sofic groupoids and their full groups

Issue no. 10 Table of Contents

Homological algebra
A remark on a theorem by Claire Amiot

Problèmes mathématiques de la mécanique
Un problème de confinement pour une coque membranaire linéairement élastique de type elliptique
[A confinement problem for a linearly elastic membrane shell of elliptic type]

Issue no. 11-12 Table of Contents

A note on small sets of reals

Number theory/Group theory
Explicit ring-theoretic presentation of Iwasawa algebras

Number theory
Odd values of the Rogers–Ramanujan functions

Théorie des nombres/Géométrie algébrique
Le nombre des systèmes locaux -adiques sur une courbe
[Number of irreducible -adic local systems on a curve]

Homological algebra/Algebraic geometry
Comparing motives of smooth algebraic varieties

Homological algebra/Algebraic geometry
Singular Hochschild cohomology via the singularity category

Analyse complexe/Géométrie analytique
Approximation polynomiale des jets de Whitney -plats de classe M
[Approximation by polynomials of Whitney -flat jets of class M]

Partial differential equations
A spectral inequality for degenerate operators and applications

Partial differential equations/Differential geometry
The Dirichlet problem on a strip for the α-translating soliton equation

Géométrie/Problèmes mathématiques de la mécanique
Sur la détermination du périmètre de l'ovale à huit centres
[On the determination of the perimeter of the eight-centered oval]

Numerical analysis
A variant of Nitsche's method