Issue no. 1 Table of Contents

Complex analysis/Functional analysis
Pluriharmonic Clark measures and analogs of model spaces

Differential geometry
Hypoelliptic Laplacian and twisted trace formula

Issue no. 2 Table of Contents

Homological algebra/Topology
The algebraic transfer for the real projective space

Mathematical analysis/Partial differential equations
Stokes and Navier–Stokes equations with Navier boundary condition

Mathematical analysis/Functional analysis
A non-vanishing property for the signature of a path

Analyse complexe/Géométrie analytique
Courants résidus et opérateurs de Monge–Ampère
[Residue currents and Monge–Ampère operators]

Équations aux dérivées partielles/Problèmes mathématiques de la mécanique
Approximation locale précisée dans des problèmes multi-échelles avec défauts localisés
[Local precised approximation in multiscale problems with local defects]

Partial differential equations/Differential geometry
Eigenvalue and gap estimates of isometric immersions for the Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator acting on p-forms

Algebraic geometry/Algebra
A note on a question of Dimca and Greuel

Dynamical systems/Probability theory
On the CLT for rotations and BV functions

Mathematical physics
Superconductivity and the Aharonov–Bohm effect

Mathematical problems in mechanics
A confinement problem for a linearly elastic Koiter's shell

Issue no. 3 Table of Contents

Théorie des groupes/Systèmes dynamiques
Stabilité analytique et convergence locale de translatées en dynamique homogène S-arithmétique
[Analytic stability and local convergence of translates in S-arithmetic homogeneous dynamics]

Mathematical analysis/Functional analysis
Polynomial birth–death processes and the second conjecture of Valent

Partial differential equations/Complex analysis
On the summability of divergent power series satisfying singular PDEs

Functional analysis/Complex analysis
Dynamics of weighted composition operators in the unit ball

Geometry/Differential geometry
Simply connected open 3-manifolds with slow decay of positive scalar curvature

Issue no. 4 Table of Contents

Mathematical analysis/Partial differential equations
An Ikehara-type theorem for functions convergent to zero

Mathematical analysis/Harmonic analysis
Centered Hardy–Littlewood maximal operator on the real line: Lower bounds

Partial differential equations/Harmonic analysis
On the representation as exterior differentials of closed forms with L1-coefficients

Probability theory
SLE intersecting with random hulls

Issue no. 5 Table of Contents

Théorie des nombres
Somme translatée sur des suites primitives et la conjecture d'Erdös
[Translated sum on primitive sequences and Erdös conjecture]

Number theory
Parity of Schur's partition function

Partial differential equations/Potential theory
On the structure of diffuse measures for parabolic capacities

Functional analysis/Probability theory
Stochastic aspects of the unitary dual group

Issue no. 6 Table of Contents

Number theory
Non-Wieferich primes under the abc conjecture

Analyse numérique
Sur la distance à l'instabilité de polynômes matriciels quadratiques
[On the distance to instability of quadratic matrix polynomials]

Issue no. 7 Table of Contents

Group theory/Harmonic analysis
Lp−Fourier inversion formula on certain locally compact groups

Functional analysis/Differential geometry
Riemann curvature tensor on RCD spaces and possible applications

Geometric triangulations and flips

Differential geometry/Lie algebras
On left-invariant Einstein metrics that are not geodesic orbit

Issue no. 8 Table of Contents

Group theory/Number theory
Coset diagrams of the modular group and continued fractions

Geometry/Differential geometry
A centro-projective inequality

Issue no. 9 Table of Contents

Homological algebra/Topology
Some extension groups between exponential functors

Partial differential equations
On periodic subsolutions to steady second-order systems and applications

Théorème de Whitehead stratifié et invariants de nœuds
[Stratified Whitehead's theorem and knot invariants]

Issue no. 10 Table of Contents

Number theory/Mathematical analysis
Characterization of Kummer hypergeometric Bernoulli polynomials and applications

Number theory/Combinatorics
A note on multiplicative automatic sequences

Number theory/Combinatorics
A sum–product theorem in matrix rings over finite fields

Differential topology/Differential geometry
Differential K-theory, η-invariant, and localization

Issue no. 11-12 Table of Contents

Combinatorics/Number theory
On two congruence conjectures

Algebra/Homological algebra
The lower extension groups and quotient categories

Mathematical analysis/Partial differential equations
A note on estimates for elliptic systems with L1 data

Potential theory/Complex analysis
A class of maximal plurisubharmonic functions

Partial differential equations/Dynamical systems
Turing patterns induced by cross-diffusion in a 2D domain with strong Allee effect

Géométrie différentielle
Intégrales orbitales semi-simples et centre de l'algèbre enveloppante
[Semi-simple orbital integrals and center of the enveloping algebra]

Mathematical problems in mechanics/Differential geometry
Continuity of a surface in Fréchet spaces