Table of contents

Group theory/Geometry
Horofunctions on graphs of linear growth

Mathematical analysis/Theory of signals
Best bases for signal spaces

Ordinary differential equations/Partial differential equations
Uniqueness and Lagrangianity for solutions with lack of integrability of the continuity equation

Analyse fonctionnelle
Interpolation : Bθ = Bθ pour un θ entraîne Bθ = Bθ pour tout θ
[Interpolation: Bθ = Bθ for some beta implies Bθ = Bθ for all θ]

Analyse fonctionnelle
Plongements de Carleson absolument sommants
[Absolutely summing Carleson embedding]

Algebraic geometry
Ulrich bundles on blowing ups

Algebraic geometry
A density result for real hyperelliptic curves

Géométrie algébrique
Revêtements tangentiels et tours infinies d'Artin–Schreier
[Tangential covers and infinite Artin–Schreier towers]

Differential geometry
Index of projective elliptic operators