Table of contents

Théorie des nombres/Géométrie algébrique
Classes non ramifiées sur un espace classifiant
[Unramified classes over a classifying space]

Mathematical Analysis/Functional Analysis
Some conditions implying normality of operators

Complex Analysis/Theory of Signals
Wavelet frames with Laguerre functions

Complex Analysis/Analytic Geometry
Hyperbolic embeddability of locally complete almost complex submanifolds

Partial Differential Equations
Comments on two Notes by L. Ma and X. Xu

Partial Differential Equations/Functional Analysis
On Hardy inequalities with singularities on the boundary

Partial Differential Equations/Mathematical Problems in Mechanics
Existence of global weak solutions for a viscous 2D bilayer Shallow Water model

Partial Differential Equations/Optimal Control
Exact controllability of a cascade system of conservative equations

Harmonic Analysis
Change of angle in tent spaces

Contrôle optimal/Physique mathématique
Imagerie laser
[Laser imaging]

Géométrie algébrique
Une famille dʼhypersurfaces quasi-rationnelles avec application de Nash bijective
[A family of quasi-rational hypersurfaces with bijective Nash map]

Analytic Geometry/Automation (theoretical)
A toric Positivstellensatz with applications to delay systems

Géométrie différentielle
Sur le feuilletage de Lehmann
[On the Lehmann foliation]

Systèmes dynamiques
Mesures stationnaires et fermés invariants des espaces homogènes II
[Stationary measures and invariant subsets of homogeneous spaces II]

Numerical Analysis
A finite element time relaxation method