Table of contents

Les graphes critiquement sans duo
[Graphs critically without duo]

Mathematical Analysis
Functions of perturbed operators

Ordinary Differential Equations/Dynamical Systems
Monotonicity of the peak time in turnover models

Partial Differential Equations/Optimal Control
Missing boundary data reconstruction by the factorization method

Partial Differential Equations/Mathematical Physics
Hypocoercivity for kinetic equations with linear relaxation terms

Partial Differential Equations/Harmonic Analysis
Boundedness of the gradient of a solution to the Neumann–Laplace problem in a convex domain

Partial Differential Equations/Probability Theory
Sobolev weak solutions for parabolic PDEs and FBSDEs

Algebraic Geometry/Topology
Mixed motives and the slice filtration

Differential Geometry
Hypercomplex structures on Courant algebroids

Mathematical Physics/Partial Differential Equations
Homogenization of the 3D Maxwell system near resonances and artificial magnetism