Table of contents

Combinatoire/Théorie des nombres
Les nombres de Stirling associés avec succession d'ordre 2, nombres de Fibonacci–Stirling et unimodalité
[The 2-successive associated Stirling numbers, Fibonacci–Stirling numbers and unimodality]

Homological algebra/Group theory
A refinement of a conjecture of Quillen

Ordinary differential equations
Uniform simplification in a full neighborhood of a turning point

Ordinary differential equations/Dynamical systems
Formal normal form of Ak slow–fast systems

Partial differential equations/Differential geometry
Keller–Lieb–Thirring inequalities for Schrödinger operators on cylinders

Partial differential equations/Functional analysis
On the regularity of solutions to Poisson's equation

Partial differential equations/Numerical analysis
Asynchronous numerical scheme for modeling hyperbolic systems

Algebraic geometry
On a question of Mehta and Pauly

Differential geometry
On cosymplectic groupoids