Table of contents

The algebra of Hurwitz multizeta functions

Number theory/Algebraic geometry
The first cohomology of separably rationally connected varieties

Number theory/Geometry
A volume estimate for the set of stable lattices

Homological algebra/Mathematical physics
The obstruction to the existence of a loopless star product

Complex analysis/Partial differential equations
On the higher dimensional harmonic analog of the Levinson loglog theorem

Partial differential equations/Optimal control
Source identification for the wave equation on graphs

Partial differential equations/Numerical analysis
Localization of extended current source with finite frequencies

Differential geometry
A Hopf algebra associated with a Lie pair

Probability theory
Probabilities of hitting a convex hull

Analyse numérique
Correction non linéaire d'ordre 2 et principe du maximum pour la discrétisation d'opérateurs de diffusion
[A nonlinear second order in space correction and maximum principle for diffusion operators]