Table of contents

Complex analysis
On the regularization of J-plurisubharmonic functions

Complex analysis
Extremal cases for the log canonical threshold

Partial differential equations/Numerical analysis
Hybrid high-order methods for variable-diffusion problems on general meshes

Partial differential equations
Infinitely many solutions for resonance elliptic systems

Functional analysis
Rudin's submodules of H2(D2)

Functional analysis/Algebraic geometry
Functional calculus on Nœtherian schemes

Contrôle optimal
Critères du type de Kálmán pour la contrôlabilité approchée et la synchronisation approchée d'un système couplé d'équations des ondes
[Criteria of Kálmán's type for the approximate controllability and the approximate synchronization of a coupled system of wave equations]

Algebraic geometry
De la pureté locale à la décomposition
[From local purity to decomposition]