Numdam's interface allows you :

  • On one hand, to search and navigate in collections, which contains detailed information (metadata) on each document, in particular relevant links as much as possible ;
  • On the other hand to download a full text file for each document. This file is the faithful copy of either the paper version or the born digital version produced by the publisher.


It is possible to change the interface language (English or French) with the button at the top of the page.

It is possible to modify the display of the mathematical formulas with the other button whose meaning is the following :

  • TeX ON means that the TeX source code of the formulas will be displayed. There is no guarantee that this code can be compiled.
  • TeX OFF means that formulas will be displayed in graphical form, using MathJax from MathML. This software is quite powerful, we refer to its documentation which allows to understand all the features and configurations.