Full texts

For scanned articles, the full text is available as images with hidden text allowing to search within the document. These images were scanned at high-resolution (600 dpi) in black and white. Born digital articles coming directly from their publishers are unchanged.

For all the content, two formats are available for screen display or download: PDF and DjVu.

  • The PDF format is currently a standard of electronic publication. It offers the ability to include links and hidden text that allows you to find a word inside the document. The reference reader for PDF files is Adobe Reader. Many browsers or operating systems have built-in PDF readers that do not always support all PDF features. There are also free PDF readers: Ghostscript as well as the excellent Xpdf. Other open source PDF readers are available.
  • The DjVu format is designed for online publishing of scanned documents. It offers the same features as the PDF and especially a larger compression, which reduces the file size. The reference player for DjVu files is produced by the Cuminas company and can be downloaded free of charge. There is also an open source multiplatform library developed by the creators of the format: DjVu Libre.