Reuse of full texts

Open access posting on the website does not modify in any way the author’s rights or the copyright of the available documents. Numdam is authorized for posting on its own servers but cannot under any circumstances transfer this authorization, which remains the original owners’ responsibility for each document.

As a result, it is necessary to check the contractual terms before uploading any document to a third-party server. In general, it is better to obtain explicit agreement from the publisher and the authors.

Here are some examples:

May be republished without explicit permission from the author or the publisher:

  • Documents in the public domain, respecting the moral rights of the author. (These documents are very rare on Numdam.)
  • Journal articles published in open access under a Creative Commons license, in compliance with the conditions set out in the license.

May be republished by the author without explicit permission from the publisher:

  • Articles in compliance with the conditions provided for in the publishing contract
  • Recent articles published in a journal whose self-archiving policy is described in Sherpa / Romeo or Mir@bel, according to the conditions indicated. (Please note: the conditions described in these sites are not always exact, and in all cases reflect a state of these policies at a given point in time. A given article may be subject to different conditions.)
  • All documents that fall under article 30 of the law for a Digital Republic (Law n°2016-1321 of October 7, 2016)