Search trees and bubble memories
RAIRO. Informatique théorique, Volume 19 (1985) no. 2, pp. 137-164.
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AU  - Flajolet, Philippe
AU  - Ottmann, Thomas
AU  - Wood, Derick
TI  - Search trees and bubble memories
JO  - RAIRO. Informatique théorique
PY  - 1985
SP  - 137
EP  - 164
VL  - 19
IS  - 2
PB  - EDP-Sciences
UR  -
LA  - en
ID  - ITA_1985__19_2_137_0
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%0 Journal Article
%A Flajolet, Philippe
%A Ottmann, Thomas
%A Wood, Derick
%T Search trees and bubble memories
%J RAIRO. Informatique théorique
%D 1985
%P 137-164
%V 19
%N 2
%I EDP-Sciences
%G en
%F ITA_1985__19_2_137_0
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