A theory of characteristic currents associated with a singular connection
Astérisque, no. 213 (1993) , 272 p.
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AU  - Harvey, F. Reese
AU  - Jun. Lawson, H. Blaine
TI  - A theory of characteristic currents associated with a singular connection
T3  - Astérisque
PY  - 1993
DA  - 1993///
IS  - 213
PB  - Société mathématique de France
UR  - http://www.numdam.org/item/AST_1993__213__1_0/
LA  - en
ID  - AST_1993__213__1_0
ER  - 
Harvey, F. Reese; Jun. Lawson, H. Blaine. A theory of characteristic currents associated with a singular connection. Astérisque, no. 213 (1993), 272 p. http://numdam.org/item/AST_1993__213__1_0/

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