Quantum unique ergodicity for Eisenstein series on PSL 2 (PSL 2 ()
Annales de l'Institut Fourier, Tome 44 (1994) no. 5, pp. 1477-1504.

Nous donnons la preuve d’une version microlocale d’un résultat de W. Luo et P. Sarnak concernant la répartition asymptotique des fonctions de Wigner associées aux séries d’Eisenstein sur PSL 2 ()PSL 2 (). La preuve utilise les opérateurs de Hecke, et n’est donc valable que pour les sous-groupes de congruence de SL 2 ().

In this paper we prove microlocal version of the equidistribution theorem for Wigner distributions associated to Eisenstein series on PSL 2 ()PSL 2 (). This generalizes a recent result of W. Luo and P. Sarnak who proves equidistribution for PSL 2 (). The averaged versions of these results have been proven by Zelditch for an arbitrary finite-volume surface, but our proof depends essentially on the presence of Hecke operators and works only for congruence subgroups of SL 2 (). In the proof the key estimates come from applying Meurman’s and Good’s results on L-functions associated to holomorphic and Maass cusp forms. One also has to use classical transformation formulas for generalized hypergeometric functions of a unit argument.

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AU  - Jakobson, Dmitry
TI  - Quantum unique ergodicity for Eisenstein series on $PSL_2({\mathbb {Z}}\backslash PSL_2({\mathbb {R}})$
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Jakobson, Dmitry. Quantum unique ergodicity for Eisenstein series on $PSL_2({\mathbb {Z}}\backslash PSL_2({\mathbb {R}})$. Annales de l'Institut Fourier, Tome 44 (1994) no. 5, pp. 1477-1504. doi : 10.5802/aif.1442. http://www.numdam.org/articles/10.5802/aif.1442/

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