Homogenization and localization in locally periodic transport
ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations, Volume 8 (2002), pp. 1-30.

In this paper, we study the homogenization and localization of a spectral transport equation posed in a locally periodic heterogeneous domain. This equation models the equilibrium of particles interacting with an underlying medium in the presence of a creation mechanism such as, for instance, neutrons in nuclear reactors. The physical coefficients of the domain are ε-periodic functions modulated by a macroscopic variable, where ε is a small parameter. The mean free path of the particles is also of order ε. We assume that the leading eigenvalue of the periodicity cell problem admits a unique minimum in the domain at a point x 0 where its hessian matrix is positive definite. This assumption yields a concentration phenomenon around x 0 , as ε goes to 0, at a new scale of the order of ε which is superimposed with the usual ε oscillations of the homogenized limit. More precisely, we prove that the particle density is asymptotically the product of two terms. The first one is the leading eigenvector of a cell transport equation with periodic boundary conditions. The second term is the first eigenvector of a homogenized diffusion equation in the whole space with quadratic potential, rescaled by a factor ε, i.e., of the form exp-1 2εM(x-x 0 )·(x-x 0 ), where M is a positive definite matrix. Furthermore, the eigenvalue corresponding to this second term gives a first-order correction to the eigenvalue of the heterogeneous spectral transport problem.

DOI: 10.1051/cocv:2002016
Classification: 35B27,  82D75
Keywords: homogenization, localization, transport
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AU  - Allaire, Grégoire
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Allaire, Grégoire; Bal, Guillaume; Siess, Vincent. Homogenization and localization in locally periodic transport. ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations, Volume 8 (2002), pp. 1-30. doi : 10.1051/cocv:2002016. http://www.numdam.org/articles/10.1051/cocv:2002016/

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