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Fernández, José R.
Numerical analysis of the quasistatic thermoviscoelastic thermistor problem. ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis - Modélisation Mathématique et Analyse Numérique, 40 no. 2 (2006), p. 353-366
Texte intégral djvu | pdf | Analyses MR 2241827 | Zbl 1108.74013
Class. Math.: 65N15, 65N30, 74D10, 74S05, 74S20
Mots clés: thermoviscoelastic thermistor, error estimates, finite elements, numerical simulations

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In this work, the quasistatic thermoviscoelastic thermistor problem is considered. The thermistor model describes the combination of the effects due to the heat, electrical current conduction and Joule’s heat generation. The variational formulation leads to a coupled system of nonlinear variational equations for which the existence of a weak solution is recalled. Then, a fully discrete algorithm is introduced based on the finite element method to approximate the spatial variable and an Euler scheme to discretize the time derivatives. Error estimates are derived and, under suitable regularity assumptions, the linear convergence of the scheme is deduced. Finally, some numerical simulations are performed in order to show the behaviour of the algorithm.


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