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Grabner, P. J.; Prodinger, H.; Tichy, R. F.
Asymptotic analysis of a class of functional equations and applications. Journal de théorie des nombres de Bordeaux, 5 no. 2 (1993), p. 365-381
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Flajolet and Richmond have invented a method to solve a large class of divide-and-conquer recursions. The essential part of it is the asymptotic analysis of a certain generating function for $z \rightarrow \infty$ by means of the Mellin transform. In this paper this type of analysis is performed for a reasonably large class of generating functions fulfilling a functional equation with polynomial coefficients. As an application, the average life time of a party of $N$ people is computed, where each person advances one step or dies with equal probabilities, and an additional “killer” can kill at any level up to $d$ survivors, according to his probability distribution.


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