Cours de Jean-Pierre Serre

Jean-Pierre Serre lecture’s notes are part of the collections at the Library of the Henri Poincaré Institute (IHP). These notes were written by different people who attended lectures given at Collège de France or in other universities, mainly abroad. The lectures are targeted towards researchers and cover various themes of arithmetic, broadly speaking. Jean-Pierre Serre checked the accuracy of the lecture notes himself and donated them to IHP in 2015.

They were digitized by the librarians of IHP, at the request of Jean-Pierre Serre and with the agreement of the people who transcribed the notes. On some lecture notes, pages are missing and text seems to be missing around the edges of certain pages. There may also be breaks or duplicates in the numbering without any text missing. Finally, some lecture notes have two styles of numbering. All these specificities conform to the physical copies held by the Library of the Henri Poincaré Institute. In case a page is missing, you will find the indication: "The page xxx is missing in the original document".

Moursund Lectures (1998)

Quelques exemples d’invariants cohomologiques (1993-1994)

Représentations linéaires sur des anneaux locaux, d'après Carayol (1993)

Corps de fonctions et cohomologie galoisienne (1991-1992)

Quelques problèmes de cohomologie galoisienne (1991)

Topics in Galois cohomology (1990)

Problèmes Galoisiens (suite) (1989-1990)

Problèmes Galoisiens – I (1989)

Formes modulaires (mod p ) (1988)

Groupes linéaires modulo p et Points d’ordre fini des variétés abéliennes (1986)

Rational Points on Curves over Finite Fields Part I : « q large » - Part II :  « g large » (1985)

Groupes de Galois et représentations -adiques (1984)

Nombre de classes, formules de masse, nombres de Tamagawa (1981-1982)

Tamagawa II (1982)

Tamagawa I (1982)

Adeles and Tamagawa numbers (1981)